Optimise Output, Minimise Cost, Reduce Risk

MST Global (Mine Site Technologies) provides fit for purpose hardware combined with smart software solutions to support productivity and safety processes in underground mines and tunnels, as well as surface mining.   MST been developing, manufacturing, deploying and supporting mine & tunnel communication systems over 27 years.

Data & communication networks in general business & society are the essential backbone to support systems that deliver business value.  Our digital platforms are specifically engineered for the underground environment to enable & support a large range of productivity and safety systems at any mining operation, as well as tunnelling projects.

Our systems are key enabling technologies for implementing Short Interval Control as a means of optimizing your underground mining processes.

With over 600 technology deployments worldwide, our underground digital networks & IoT platforms are embedded in many mines’ production & safety processes. The systems enable voice and data communications, tracking & tagging of personnel & vehicles, emergency evacuation warning, & proximity detection systems/collision avoidance.  This core data is then further analysed and reported on to better manage time & attendance, asset utilisation, production measurement, emergency mustering, remote blasting and geotechnical  & environmental monitoring.

Our subsidiary Nixon Communications provides specialist surface radio and networking services throughout Australia.